Introducing the Next Wave of Innovation with Spark: Augment Attendee Experience

We are thrilled to announce the latest advancements in Spark, engineered to redefine the event experience for attendees and organizers alike. Spark is not just evolving; it's revolutionizing the way we interact with live events.

Imagine an event experience where every moment is not just lived but also captured and transformed into valuable insights. That's the power of Spark Takeaways.

Seamless Live Content Integration

Comprehensive and Real-Time: Spark now plugs directly into live content, ensuring no moment is missed. You can plug Spark into your AV system and capture live content ensuring that every aspect of the event is recorded and made available for immediate use.

AI-Driven Session Summaries

Instant, Insightful Takeaways: Spark employs advanced NLP using Generative AI and machine learning to analyze live session content. It distills key points and themes into concise, insightful summaries, allowing attendees to grasp the essentials of presentations in real time.

Innovative Idea Cloud

Beyond Traditional Visualization: The Idea Cloud, powered by generative AI, transforms how we visualize session content. It offers a dynamic, intuitive representation of key themes, enhancing attendees' understanding and interaction with complex topics.

Multilingual Accessibility

Inclusivity at Its Core: Spark breaks down language barriers with its multilingual capabilities, ensuring attendees from different linguistic backgrounds can fully engage with the event content. This feature highlights our commitment to creating inclusive and globally accessible event experiences.

Ingesting Live Event Content Like Never Before

Gone are the days of post-event content processing delays. With Spark, content ingestion becomes a part of the live event itself.

  1. Direct Session Integration: Push sessions directly to Spark. Capture every word, every slide, every moment as it happens.

     Ingesting Live Event Content Like Never Before

  2. Ingest Live Content Within Spark: No more waiting. Ingest content live and leverage it instantaneously.

  3. Plug into AV Systems: Effortlessly connect Spark to existing AV systems for a seamless experience.

  4. Immediate Content Repurposing: Transform live content into various formats like social media posts, blog entries, and more, right during or immediately after the event. This feature is a game-changer for event teams aiming for real-time engagement.

Spark in Action: Unlock your sessions’ potential

Repurpose content for over 25 tasks and analyze it in more than 30 ways using Spark. It's not just about capturing content; it's about unlocking its full potential.

  • Social Media Engagement: As a keynote unfolds, Spark can instantly generate shareable snippets, quotes, or highlights, ready to be shared on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. This real-time engagement keeps online audiences involved, extending the event's reach.

     Ingesting Live Event Content Like Never Before

  • Blogging and Content Creation: Blog posts or detailed summaries can be drafted during the event itself. Spark's ability to process and summarize key points allows content creators to publish insightful articles almost immediately after a session concludes.

  • Comprehensive Analytics: With over 30 analysis tasks, Spark transforms raw event data into actionable insights. Understand attendee engagement levels, topic popularity, and more through in-depth analytics, aiding future event planning and strategy.

     Ingesting Live Event Content Like Never Before

  • Personalized Attendee Experience: Spark's AI-driven analysis can personalize follow-up content for attendees based on their engagement patterns. For instance, attendees who showed interest in a specific topic can receive detailed reports or additional resources on that subject post-event.

Join us on this exciting journey and discover how Spark is not just keeping up with the event industry's evolution - it's leading it. Welcome to a world where each session is an opportunity, and every insight is a step towards success.

Stay ahead, stay ignited with Spark.