Spark Adds Southeast Asian Languages

At Spark, we’re constantly innovating to make event professionals’ lives easier. Today, we’re excited to share Spark’s latest update: support for seven Southeast Asian languages.

This addition aims to streamline communication for event professionals working in or with these regions.

New Language Offerings:

  1. Tagalog (Filipino)
  2. Burmese (Myanmar)
  3. Thai
  4. Malay
  5. Vietnamese
  6. Indonesian
  7. Khmer (Cambodian)

What This Means for You:

Spark now facilitates translation between English and these Southeast Asian languages. Whether you’re drafting event descriptions, creating speaker bios, or corresponding with international attendees, you can ensure your message is clear and culturally appropriate.

Enhanced Features:

This language expansion enhances all of Spark’s existing features:

  • Repurpose: Transform your event content into multilingual social media posts, blogs, and campaigns.
  • Brainstorm: Generate innovative ideas for event taglines and networking activities that resonate across cultures.
  • Create: Build agendas, craft event descriptions, and compose emails in multiple languages with ease.

This update reflects our commitment to making event planning more inclusive and efficient on a global scale. We invite you to explore these new capabilities and see how they can enhance your international events.

Log in to your Spark account and start exploring the new language options today!