Spark Tasks

Maximize productivity & improve quality of work

Streamline your events team operations with AI-powered tasks such as content generation, content repurposing, idea brainstorming, content analysis and legal review.

Augment your team with Spark Tasks

Enhance productivity through AI-powered content creation, versatile repurposing, innovative brainstorming, and insightful analysis for high-quality, efficient workflows.


Generate better, higher quality content in less time

Effortlessly craft engaging, high-quality materials swiftly, harnessing AI for superior content generation in significantly less time.

Build agenda

Create event description

Create LinkedIn post

Create speaker bio

Compose email

Create video script

And more...


Spark transforms not only your team, but also your content

Efficiently transform existing material into diverse formats, maximizing content reach and impact while maintaining consistency across all your communication channels.

Repurpose content into social media posts

Repurpose content into blogs

Repurpose content into campaigns

Repurpose content into educational content


10x your brainstorming capabilities

Enhance your team's creative process with AI-driven insights, generating innovative ideas and solutions that push the boundaries of conventional event ideas.

Generate event taglines

Generate session Q&A

Create session polls

Create target audience personas

Ideate networking activities

Brainstorm gift ideas


Convert massive content into meaningful insights in seconds

Quickly decipher vast amounts of content, extracting key insights and patterns, to inform decisions and strategies with comprehensive, AI-enhanced analysis.

Strategic insights

Challenges, solutions & actions

Themes classification

Sentiment analysis

Video & podcast analysis

Don’t take our word for it

Event profs can augment 39% of their skills with generative AI

Data from LinkedIn shows how AI is shaping the world of work and how professionals and companies are adapting to this emerging technology.

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