Spark Product Updates June 2024

Spark continues to lead the charge in AI-driven innovation. We have announced our product’s latest updates at Educon 2024, these features are designed to empower event professionals, elevate experiences, and foster seamless global collaboration. Let’s explore how these groundbreaking features can transform your event planning process and deliver unparalleled value to your clients and attendees.

Breaking Language Barriers: Universal Language Integration

Spark now offers seamless universal language integration across all 100 tasks, supporting over 25 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, and German. This game-changing feature opens up a world of possibilities:

  • Collaborate effortlessly with international team members
  • Generate multilingual content for global events
  • Summarize documents across languages (e.g., Chinese to Spanish)
  • Engage diverse audiences with localized communications

Pro Tip for Event Planners: Leverage this feature to create targeted marketing materials for international attendees or to efficiently brief multilingual event staff.

Streamlined Workflow: Default Language Settings

To enhance productivity, Spark introduces default language settings for projects. This ensures all collaborators start with consistent language preferences, eliminating the need to adjust settings for each task and team member. Benefit for Event Agencies: Standardize language settings across client projects, reducing errors and improving efficiency in multilingual event management.

Unleash Creativity: Spark Chat with Web Access

The evolution of our Custom Task feature, Spark Chat, now grants paid users access to the web’s vast knowledge base. This powerful tool enables you to:
  • Discover cutting-edge trends in event technology and design
  • Find and vet expert speakers for your next conference
  • Conduct comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Create data-driven surveys for attendee feedback
  • Generate detailed checklists for flawless event execution
Value for Corporate Event Managers: Stay ahead of industry trends and deliver innovative experiences that align with your company’s objectives and brand identity.

Elevate Collaboration: Introducing the Teams Plan

Our new Teams Plan is designed to supercharge collaboration and productivity for event teams of all sizes. Key features include:
  • Seamless project sharing and collaboration
  • Centralized File Manager for streamlined asset management
  • Powerful admin console for efficient workspace control
  • Expanded content creation capabilities
  • 10 personalized brand tones for consistent communication
  • Private file library for enhanced security
  • Increased file upload capacity (25 uploads per user/month, max 100MB/file)
  • Support for 30+ file types to repurpose content efficiently
  • Process documents up to 150 pages and videos up to 3+ hours
Perfect for Event Production Companies: Enhance team coordination, maintain brand consistency across multiple events, and scale your operations with ease.

Data Privacy and Security

At Spark, we prioritize the protection of your sensitive event data. The Teams Plan ensures you maintain full ownership and control over your business information. For detailed information on our robust data privacy practices, visit our dedicated privacy page and Trust Portal.

Embrace the Future of Event Planning

As the events industry continues to evolve, Spark remains your steadfast partner in innovation. These latest updates empower you to:
  • Create truly global, multilingual event experiences
  • Streamline workflows and boost team productivity
  • Access cutting-edge insights and inspiration
  • Deliver personalized, data-driven event strategies
  • Ensure ironclad data security and privacy
Whether you’re an independent planner, a corporate event team, or a full-service agency, Spark’s 2024 updates provide the tools you need to ignite creativity, foster collaboration, and deliver unforgettable experiences. Try out our latest features today, upgrade to Spark’s Teams Plan, and unlock the full potential of AI-driven event innovation. Stay ignited with Spark! 🔥