The Spark Platform

A full-stack generative AI platform for event teams

As a large enterprise, you need more than just generating text and ideas from an AI tool. Spark’s full-stack platform makes your use of generative AI more effective and secure.

State of the art LLM’s

Dynamic model selection, enterprise grade, can support fine tuned private LLMs

Knowledge graph

Securely integrate all of the your data sources

AI guardrails

Accuracy, compliance, personalized brand voice

App layer & use cases

Flexible app layer to support any enterprise use cases

LLM Layer

The engine of Spark's full-stack platform

The LLM Layer, powering our full-stack platform, integrates state-of-the-art language models and employs dynamic AI selection and fine-tuning, specifically optimized for the event industry's unique needs.

State of the art LLMs

Spark integrates advanced language models like GPT-4, Claude 2.1, and Gemini, offering unparalleled natural language processing for diverse event management needs.

Dynamic AI model selection

Spark employs a sophisticated algorithm for model selection, considering task complexity, language nuances, and model capability to ensure optimal model effectiveness for each use case.

Fine-tuned models for the event industry

Spark features models fine-tuned specifically for the event industry, enhancing tasks from attendee interaction to content generation with industry-relevant efficiency.

Private model hosting and custom fine-tuning

We support hosting of private LLMs, offering custom fine-tuning using your data. This allows for highly personalized AI experiences tailored to organisation requirements.

Knowledge Layer

Spark’s collaborative and intelligent hub

Spark's Knowledge Layer combines a dynamic content management system with RAG technology, intelligently repurposing diverse materials to enrich the event experience.

Robust content management

Spark provides a dynamic content management system, enabling event teams to upload and handle diverse materials, fostering collaboration and efficiency. Supports 30+ content formats.

Content leveraging across tasks

The platform adeptly utilizes this content across various tasks, enhancing the event experience through intelligent repurposing and enrichment.

RAG technology integration

Incorporating RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) technology, Spark achieves superior contextualization of content, delivering precise and relevant event-focused outputs.

AI Guardrails

AI guardrails & brand voice customization

Spark ensures data security and brand consistency by implementing robust access management and allowing users to customize AI outputs to match their unique brand voice, adhering to compliance and inclusivity standards.

Robust security & access management

Spark prioritizes data security with stringent access controls, including role-based user access management, ensuring operational integrity and data safety.

Consistent brand voice across AI outputs

Users can fine-tune Spark to their unique brand voice. This ensures all AI-generated content is not only consistent with the brand’s tone but also adheres to compliance and inclusivity standards.

Use Cases & App Layer

Spark's versatile applications

The App Layer offers versatile applications like Spark Tasks for enhancing team productivity, Spark Takeaways for real-time attendee insights, and Spark Live Ingest for seamless content integration from live sources, all augmenting the event experience.

Spark Tasks

Focused on maximizing productivity and work quality for event operation teams, covering content generation, repurposing, ideation, brainstorming, and live summarization.

Robust content management

Spark Takeaways

Delivers real-time session summaries and insights to attendees, enhancing their experience with features like session summaries and idea clouds.

Robust content management

Spark Live Ingest

Powers live capabilities of the platform, enabling content ingestion from sources like AV and live streaming, instrumental in supporting tasks and ideas for live events.

Robust content management