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with generative AI.

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Empower your team with Spark’s generative AI platform

Spark is a generative AI platform, designed to transform how event teams work. Spark makes the life of event professionals easier by providing them with AI-powered backend operational tasks and elevates the attendee experience through the generation of real-time session content summarisation and takeaways.

Spark Tasks

Maximize productivity
& improve quality of work

Streamline your events team operations with AI-powered tasks such as content generation, content repurposing, idea brainstorming, content analysis and legal review.

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Spark Takeaways

Live summarisation &
key takeaways for attendees

Enhance your attendees’ experience and ignite insights and ideas through real-time session content summarization and takeaways delivered in the room and on mobile.

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Spark Live Ingest

Spark Live Ingest is the underlying technology that powers Tasks & Takeaways for real-time summarization, takeaways and repurposing.

Content Manager

Store and manage all your event content (files, URLs, recorded sessions, etc.) in one place for optimized team collaboration.

Content Manager

Brand Voice

 Customize Spark's tone and style to align with your organization's identity, ensuring consistent, brand-centric AI-generated content. 

Brand Voice

security & privacy

At Spark we take security and privacy seriously, offering a secure platform that rigorously complies with international standards to safeguard your data and uphold confidentiality in every interaction.

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A full-stack generative AI platform built for events

You need more than just generating texts, ideas and content from an AI tool. Spark’s full-stack platform makes your use of generative AI as an organization more effective and secure.

State of the art LLM's

Dynamic model selection, enterprise grade, can support fine tuned private LLMs

Knowledge graph

Securely integrate all of the your data sources

AI guardrails

Accuracy, compliance, personalized brand voice

App layer & use cases

Flexible app layer to support any enterprise use cases

“We had a fantastic experience working with Spark for our business conference. The platform not only elevated the overall event experience but also enabled us to efficiently communicate with participants and engage with our audience in ways never thought possible before. Spark made the process more efficient and significantly improved the speed and quality of our work.”

Stephen Rose

 Head of Communication Services,